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At IBS we work primarily with individuals, the self-employed and small businesses. We do all of the following (and more):

  We provide the lowest cost term available to both healthy and problem risks.

  We provide disability income coverage for virtually all occupations and income levels.

  We provide major medical insurance to both individuals and groups, including   groups with as few as two employees (if they are non-related).

  We provide commercial risks, especially transportation risks, coverage through our   brokerage arrangemnts.

We provide a number of other coverages--too many to mention here. If you don't find a link for a quote on a coverage you are seeking feel free to send us an e-mail describing what you are seeking. We will let you now if we can help.

W h o . W e . A r e  

Insurance Brokerage Service is an independent insurance firm located in Nashville, Tennessee that began in 1976. Our independence has led to dozens of brokerage contacts with America's leading insurance companies. We have been offering our services over the web for over twelve years, making us one of the earliest agencies to go online.

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Click on any type of insurance listed below to go to our web quoting page for that coverage.

Life Insurance
    Life Insurance For Diabetics
    Life Insurance For Those With Health Problems
    Term Insurance Quotes

Medical Insurance
    Dental Coverages
    Disability Income Insurance
    Long Term Care
    Major Medical Insurance--Group
    Major Medical Insurance--Individual
    Medicare Supplements

Transportation Insurance
    Bus Insurance
    Truck Insurance

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